Russians kill Ukrainian civilians

Nadya Trubchaninova

70-year-old Nadya Trubchaninova did not run away from the war when she came to the Kyiv region. The woman managed to survive, but the Russian invasion claimed the life of Nadya’s son. For more than a week, she hitchhiked daily from her village to the ruined Bucha in search of her son’s body. In the Kyiv region, as a result of Russian aggression, more than 1,000 civilians have already been killed, and bodies continue to be found.

Nadya Trubchaninova at his son’s coffin

This guy is a volunteer who helps to exhume corpses from mass graves in #Bucha. To understand the horrors of #BuchaMassacre you need to look at his face. The emotions of this young man show it…


In such difficult times for Ukraine, we ask you to support us and help stop russian aggression.


#Stopputin #stoprussianagression #stopwarinUkraine

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