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Roksolana Bogutska Autumn Winter 2020

Roksolana Bogutska Autumn Winter 2020
Roksolana Bogutska Autumn Winter 2020
Roksolana Bogutska Autumn Winter 2020
Roksolana Bogutska Autumn Winter 2020
Roksolana Bogutska Autumn Winter 2020
Roksolana Bogutska Autumn Winter 2020

Roksolana Bogutska is one of the best Ukrainian fashion designers. In her collections Bogutska mainly inspired by Ukrainian folk traditions. Her Autumn Winter 2020 collection was no exception and demonstrates gorgeous prints and embroideries based on vytynanka (that is “cut out” -a type of ancient Slavic, in particular Ukrainian folk decorative art).

Roksolana Bogutska’s site: https://roksolanabogutska.com/uk/

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51 shows, 7 presentations and 2 lecture platforms will illustrate the state of Ukrainian fashion at the begining of 2018.

Ukrainian fashion want to become global. Step by step Ukraine tries to develop national fashion industry, which will be an important component of European culture and economy.


Ukrainian Fashion Week will present collections by Larisa Lobanova, Ksenia Schnaider, Polina Veller, Kir-Khartley and other talented Ukrainian designers.

Larisa Lobanova

The 7-th of february will be the New Generation Day on Ukrainian Fashion Week. Among New Names: 2LFactura, Kristina_Аs, GA.EVA.


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Jamala’s covers

Jamala is a Ukrainian singer, composer and actor. She performs music that includes elements of soul, jazz, funk, folk and electronic and became popular after her participation at The New Wave in 2009.

2016 she got ELLE Style Award (“Singer of the year”), Ukrainian National Award “Person of the Year” (nomination “Idol of Ukrainians”).With the song “1944” she  won the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. Before Eurovision she appeared at the covers of Cosmopolitan Ukraine (seven covers), Marie Clair Ukraine and Viva and Joy Ukraine.

It’s interesting, how many covers she will have after her victory at Eurovision? And who will be the next winner from Ukraine? May be The Hard Kiss?

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Old time photos with Ukrainian national costumes

Some photos, gathered from many different sources

The old photos always touched and inspired me. They always ask the question: who were these people? How they lived?

Old time photos with Ukrainian national costumes are very special for me. They show us how Ukrainians loved and appreciated their traditional culture through different times and circumstances.

At the top photo is movie star Sophia Loren during her visit to Poltava Region for shooting the film “Sunflower” (1970). Pictured below – frame from the film “Chervona Ruta” (1971).

Pictures belov – covers of Ukrainian fashion magazine “Krasa i Moda” (“Beauty &Fashion”) – for more look here.Today, at the beginning of 21-st century, we also can see how styling and some elements of traditional Ukrainian dress enrich contemporary fashion and raise the patriotic spirit of Ukrainians – majestic nation with very uneasy history. And also strong nation with very beautiful traditional costumes…

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Chernikova на Lviv Fashion Week весна-літо 2015


On September 9 the 5th Ceremony of the BEST FASHION AWARDS in Ukraine was held.

The BEST FASHION AWARDS are the only professional awards in Ukrainian fashion. It was started by Ukrainian Fashion Week at 2010 for and awarding the achievements of fashion designers and public leaders, who create a positive international image of the Ukraine.

The BEST FASHION AWARDS are determined every year –  a group of Experts evaluate collections of two fashion seasons. This year I was the one of 39 Experts: journalists, fashion critics, buyers and of public leaders. For me it was great honor and great responsibility. The only point of my choice, that coincided with the objective opinion of most experts, was the “Best Menswear Designer”: when I saw the F/W 2014-2015 collection of SASHA KANEVSKIY, I want to have every piece of it in my wardrobe.

The most important nomination – “Breakthrough of the year” – won young and very talented IVAN FROLOV.

The BEST FASHION AWARD “For Significant Contribution into Development of Ukrainian Fashion” quite deservedly got KATYA OSADCHA – one of the best TV-reporters in Ukraine, who represent our country all around the world.

I heartily hope that Ukraine will be in peace and prosperity, that Ukrainian fashion will develop and that next BEST FASHION AWARDS will reveal many new fashion talents.

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Українська мода в контексті Майдану та євроінтеграції (інтерв’ю з Іриною Данилевською)

Vyshyvanka from Lviv (Вишиванка зі Львова)

Vyshyvanka (embroidered shirt) is the most important item of Ukrainian traditional costume. The story of vyshyvanka goes back centuries. The ancient historian Herodotus notes that Scythian apparel was decorated with embroidery. This garment has withstood the test of time and continues to represent Ukrainian people while adapting to the modernity.

The embroidery of vyshyvanka  is rich and varied. The motives of ornaments, composition, colours were handed down from generation to generation. All this varies depending on the region of origin. In ancient times people even could guess what village a person came from just from the embroidery on the vyshyvanka.

The original meaning of ornaments and colors on vyshyvanka was symbolic  –  it protects the wearer from evil and sin. Now people think about the meaning of embroidery much less, vyshyvanka has become a stylish clothes. Today you can see it on the streets, on the catwalks and in the halls of fashion weeks and fashion days across the Ukraine. The most popular fashion designer, who present vyshyvankas in her collections is Roksolana Bogutska from Lviv.

Lviv is a cultural center of Westen Ukraine, where vyshyvanka is extremely popular. Wearing traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirts, people demonstrate their love to the Ukraine and the honour of it’s traditions.

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Зірки у вишиванках


Top 5 young Ukrainian designers from MODOSLAV

Dedicated то Ukraine’s Independence Day, we asked our favourite young designers about Ukraine


Anton Belinskiy established himself at the Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days as one of the most promising and original Ukrainian designers. His creative style is sporty and geometrical, always with  combination of different material textures.

Anton Belinskiy: Ukraine is my Homeland


Masha Reva has winning a lot of designer’s competitions, an intern at the New York Thakoon studio and at the Belgian designer Walter Van Beyrendonk. She is one of the most promising Ukrainian designers in a creative and commercial aspect.


Masha Reva: Ukraine – is firstly my family, our cottage at Bugaz and, of course, it’s  Odessa. This unique place of power where I always come back, full of energy that remind me that family is the most valuable thing.


Jean Gritsfeldt is the perfect model for his own collections. He boldly quoted by famous designers and works on the edge of kitsch and outrageous. He is one of the “young favorites” at Ukrainian fashion week.

Jean Gritsfeldt: Ukraine is my home


Ivan Frolov‘s motto is «INTELLIGENT PROVOCATION AND SEX”. His gothic and androgenic collections often contain elements of BDSM-suits. The designer uses a lot of hand work and collaborating with musicians.


Ivan Frolov: I’ll think about “What is Ukrain for me”, becouse It’s not so easy to tell.


Lviv artist and designer Olya Steblack inspired by both Ukrainian and international art, espessially surrealism. Her spring-summer 2014 collection has a clear social message against the war, in which Ukraine was involved recently.

Olya Steblack: Ukraine – this is my love, love to the Carpathians, near which I has grew up, love to fields and steppes, that’s not just my eyes rejoiced to extremely beautiful, sincere and dedicated people; love to the culture, which builds a rich and ambiguous ethnicity, love emergency language and Ukrainian songs. Unfortunately, recent events shows us that Ukraine is a country of so called “Third World” and it’s not strong enough, so we see that part of it become a ground to show off a brutal power to the “Lords of the weapon”. But this will cease very soon. Ukraine will win 🙂



Про покази Anton Belinskiy та by Steblakizm на Volkswagen Proskurov Fashion Days

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Inspired by Ukraine: Jean Paul Gaultier

After visiting the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 in Kiev, Jean Paul Gaultier created very beautiful collections in which the influence of traditional Ukrainian costume was very noticeable. So Gaultier’s fall-winter 2005/2006 Haute Couture and spring-summer 2006 pret-a-porter collections were inspired by Ukraine.

The guest of honor at Jean Paul Gaultier fall-winter 2005/2006 Haute Couture was Kateryna Yushchenko, the wife of  the president of the Ukraine. Every outfin at that show has Ukrainian name and all sectors in the show hall were named like Ukrainian regions.

Jean Paul Gaultier spring-summer 2006 pret-a-porter collection was rich of ethno elements, espessially embroidered blouses (vyshyvanka – the Ukrainian traditional clothing ).

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Використання елементів традиційного українського костюма при створенні фешн-колекцій

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Flashback: John Galliano’s fall-winter 2009/2010 collection was inspired by traditional Ukrainian costume. It was very fresh look at our ethnic culture and very creative work with forms, cut and decoration. The fashion journalists have called this collection “The frosen bride”, becouse Galliano styled traditional ukrainian headwear like a veil & embroidered shirt (vyshyvanka) like a wedding dress.

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