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Vyshyvanka by Chernikova at Lviv Fashion Week fw 2016/2017

The new collection by Lubtsia Chernikova was shown march 25 at Lviv Fashion Week fw 2016/2017.Collection entitled “Today”, because today is a moment between the past and the future, it’s what happens now: we get up in the morning and go to bed at night, between this we try to achieve our goals and become happy. Today is a time to act.
The main motives of the Chernikova’s collection are two most popular types of Ukrainian embroidery – Poltava and Borshchiv vyshyvanka, which are unique folk artifacts, well known abroad. This season the designer tried to interpret and revive this traditions in its collection, using homespun hemp and linen, suede, velvet, silk, cotton, wool, fur decorated with natural cotton lace and velvet ribbon.


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Найкраща колекція LVIV FASHION WEEK FW 2016/2017

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SVITLO – the light of Ukrainian traditions

Design studio SVITLO was created by Svetlana Kubrak and Natalya Shevchuk in 2011. Studio located in Kiev and manufacture the very special clothing and accessories, based on traditional Ukrainian culture. Designers  adapt ethno through the prism of fashion trends, comfortable forms and ecological materials.

Each product of SVITLO is a result of handicraft, full of love and mental light. Designers believe, that when things are embroidered with a soul, they radiate  the light. Everything they make, they make it like for themselves or like for God. 

Nowadays goods by SVITLO are very fashionable in Ukraine, but designers understand, that  fashion is fleeting. There are  mountains of trendy clothing, that loses it’s attraction each new season. So they make things that you can leave to your children or even grandchildren. They also make a necklaces with the beads from your mother’s necklace. Even more – almost every thing from SVITLO has some vintage items. So every thing is unique and it’s very precious in the world of fashion, which is so full of cheap Chinese merchandise.

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Chernikova на Lviv Fashion Week весна-літо 2015

То чия вишиванка? Valentino Couture

Vyshyvanka from Lviv (Вишиванка зі Львова)

Vyshyvanka (embroidered shirt) is the most important item of Ukrainian traditional costume. The story of vyshyvanka goes back centuries. The ancient historian Herodotus notes that Scythian apparel was decorated with embroidery. This garment has withstood the test of time and continues to represent Ukrainian people while adapting to the modernity.

The embroidery of vyshyvanka  is rich and varied. The motives of ornaments, composition, colours were handed down from generation to generation. All this varies depending on the region of origin. In ancient times people even could guess what village a person came from just from the embroidery on the vyshyvanka.

The original meaning of ornaments and colors on vyshyvanka was symbolic  –  it protects the wearer from evil and sin. Now people think about the meaning of embroidery much less, vyshyvanka has become a stylish clothes. Today you can see it on the streets, on the catwalks and in the halls of fashion weeks and fashion days across the Ukraine. The most popular fashion designer, who present vyshyvankas in her collections is Roksolana Bogutska from Lviv.

Lviv is a cultural center of Westen Ukraine, where vyshyvanka is extremely popular. Wearing traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirts, people demonstrate their love to the Ukraine and the honour of it’s traditions.

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Зірки у вишиванках