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Top 5 young Ukrainian designers from MODOSLAV

Dedicated то Ukraine’s Independence Day, we asked our favourite young designers about Ukraine


Anton Belinskiy established himself at the Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days as one of the most promising and original Ukrainian designers. His creative style is sporty and geometrical, always with  combination of different material textures.

Anton Belinskiy: Ukraine is my Homeland


Masha Reva has winning a lot of designer’s competitions, an intern at the New York Thakoon studio and at the Belgian designer Walter Van Beyrendonk. She is one of the most promising Ukrainian designers in a creative and commercial aspect.


Masha Reva: Ukraine – is firstly my family, our cottage at Bugaz and, of course, it’s  Odessa. This unique place of power where I always come back, full of energy that remind me that family is the most valuable thing.


Jean Gritsfeldt is the perfect model for his own collections. He boldly quoted by famous designers and works on the edge of kitsch and outrageous. He is one of the “young favorites” at Ukrainian fashion week.

Jean Gritsfeldt: Ukraine is my home


Ivan Frolov‘s motto is «INTELLIGENT PROVOCATION AND SEX”. His gothic and androgenic collections often contain elements of BDSM-suits. The designer uses a lot of hand work and collaborating with musicians.


Ivan Frolov: I’ll think about “What is Ukrain for me”, becouse It’s not so easy to tell.


Lviv artist and designer Olya Steblack inspired by both Ukrainian and international art, espessially surrealism. Her spring-summer 2014 collection has a clear social message against the war, in which Ukraine was involved recently.

Olya Steblack: Ukraine – this is my love, love to the Carpathians, near which I has grew up, love to fields and steppes, that’s not just my eyes rejoiced to extremely beautiful, sincere and dedicated people; love to the culture, which builds a rich and ambiguous ethnicity, love emergency language and Ukrainian songs. Unfortunately, recent events shows us that Ukraine is a country of so called “Third World” and it’s not strong enough, so we see that part of it become a ground to show off a brutal power to the “Lords of the weapon”. But this will cease very soon. Ukraine will win 🙂



Про покази Anton Belinskiy та by Steblakizm на Volkswagen Proskurov Fashion Days

Sincerely Your’s,

Myroslav Melnyk